Your HUB for endless PLR products & perks.

The PLR Project is the ULTIMATE hub for PLR products to browse & use with ease.

Imagine a true hub overflowing with PLR products where you can come in, browse products, take any you'd like & create ongoing income from without ever buying individual products again...

Why The PLR Project?

Access to EVERYTHING for just $197

The PLR Project is for you if...

You want to start making a passive income with selling digital products, but don't know where to start!

You want to create in-demand digital products that FLY out of your store, but don't want to create anything from scratch.

You feel frustrated with spending hours creating your own digital products only to find them not selling in your store.

You want to create multiple streams of income from digital products without the stress of always having to create something from scratch.

You're overwhelmed by the thought of constantly coming up with new digital product ideas. You want a BANK of proven, done-for-you profitable products to simply rebrand and resell!

What's Inside The PLR Project...


Introduction to The PLR Project, what you will experience, and the why behind the creation of The PLR Project. Plus learn how to become an affiliate for The PLR Project!

PLR Basics

Learn exactly what makes PLR so special, the difference between MRR & PLR, & have access to DFY PLR agreements!

Digital Marketing Guides

This section is PACKED with over 40 high-quality guides including starter guides, lead magnets, mentoring guides, social media, faceless digital marketing, branding resources, ChatGPT, content mastery, email marketing & other platform guides!


In this section we have lots of items surrounding pregnancy & those first moments, but also things like potty training charts!


This is another jam-packed section with trackers, templates, & planners - but also things for students, homeschooling & learning resources.

Health & Wellness

A HUGE section! There are many planners and journals in here but also sections on fitness, nutrition, medical, holistic health, & weight loss!


In here you'll find logo templates, thank you templates, social media posts & skincare checklists!


You'll find a variety of journals in this section on things like manifesting, visualization, law of attraction & abundance!


In here you will find trackers for budgeting, debt, credit cards, & savings!

Real Estate

A variety of templates and planners in here for things like home buying, renovations, rental properties, real estate listing flyers & more!


In this section you'll find logos, business cards, ad templates and 1-1 coaching notes!


Daily devotional, faith based journals, spiritual awakening workbook & prayer request journal!


Another solid section with lots of worksheets, journals and trackers - but also many things in the subcategories of gratitude & affirmations!

Self Care

Anything from social media posts to self care planners, to finding your passion workbook & everything in between!


Lots of planners and templates to get your life in order! But also many things in the subcategories of decluttering & cleaning!


Home management planners, pet care trackers, & gardening planners to keep your home in order!


Many different types of business planners are in here! Anything from a shopify planner, craft business, order forms, office task planners, product launch planner & more!

Website Templates

Did you know you can design websites right on Canva?! We have many done-for-you website templates ready for you to plug in your offers right here!

Ebook Templates

Ready to go create your own eBook or guide? THIS is a good place to start. We have many options for templates to plug your info into here!

Mockup Templates

100 Pinterest, 50 social media, & 50 Etsy Mockup templates to plug your pictures into to have the best advertisements around!

Edit Your Guides

In this section I will briefly walk you through taking your chosen products off the platform & editing them in Canva!

Creating A Compelling Listing

In this section I will walk you through all of the important aspects of creating a compelling listing for your digital product so your creation SELLS with ease!

Sell Your Guides On Stan

Now that your product is done, I will walk you through exactly how to set up your product on a simple platform to sell!

Sell Your Guides On Etsy

Instagram is NOT the only place you can sell your digital products! In this section, I will walk you through exactly how to get your digital products set up on an Etsy shop!

Sell Your Guides On Amazon KDP

Did you know that you can actually sell PHYSICAL copies of your digital designs directly through Amazon?! It's a very unique way to sell digital products that will help you STAND OUT from the crowd! I walk you through exactly how to do this here!

ChatGPT & Canva

In this video I will walk you through how to create your own eBook with the help of ChatGPT!


This section is for requests for new digital products, the community, or platform in general! We will be adding new products every week & want to make constant improvements for everyone in The PLR Project!

What Do I Get With The PLR Project?

  • A BANK of digital products to browse, rebrand and resell as your own & earn 100% profits over and over again on any products inside!

  • Ability to be an affiliate for The PLR Project itself & earn 70% on every sale!

  • Never any upsells for members! Once you're in - you'll never pay more again!

  • Full PLR community attached to the platform! Connect with others, get PLR & Canva help, see testimonials, etc.

  • Every single product comes with PLR for you to have full control over the product. You can open it right up into Canva from the Platform, edit and resell as you'd like!

  • Trending & profitable products added WEEKLY free to members!

  • Go from selling a few products in your store to as many as you want!

  • Help new marketers get started on the right foot with PLR products by becoming an affiliate!

Becoming an affiliate just makes sense!

*Every affiliate gets 70% of of each sale on The PLR Project*

If you're a digital marketing mentor - The PLR Project affiliate program was made with you in mind! Why sell your mentees a small bundle of PLR products to make a hundred bucks, when you could get them into this platform where they'd have unlimited products to choose from, support, a much better experience, and you'd still make that same $100 - actually more! It's all about the experience and what we can do for people!

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the product?

This product is a true HUB filled with PLR digital products for you to take, rebrand and resell as your own! This is a unique opportunity to have access to a ton of products to pick and choose from rather than continuing to purchase one at a time. There will be ongoing products entered into this platform at no additional cost to you! This also comes with a community for extended help. If you are someone totally new wanting to sell digital products without purchasing a large digital marketing course - this is for you. If you are someone who mentors people in this space - this is for you. If you're someone who is tired of buying single products and being disappointed every time - this is for you!

What do I receive with my purchase?

You will receive the platform itself that will not only give you access TONS of PLR products, but also teach you how to edit those products and list them on a simple store, but you will also get access to a community + new weekly digital products never at any additional cost to you!

Can I send customers to your community?

YES!! Anyone who purchases The PLR Project through you will also have access to everything you do including the community, new weekly drops, etc.

How do I start profiting?

When you purchase this product, you have two unique ways to start profiting immediately! 1- you have access to ANY of the PLR products inside of the platform to rebrand and resell as your own! You can sell these products on any platform including Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest, etc. 2- you will also have the opportunity to become an affiliate for The PLR Project itself and earn a 70% commission to anyone you refer!! That's almost a $140 for each person you refer! That's huge!

Do I have to share this platform with others?

NO! You can choose to share it if you want - but there is HUGE value with the PLR products and community inside without ever sharing it with others! You can use these products to go create unlimited streams of income!